My 2 Cents Earn And Build Advertising Network Online With Chitika

Pooja Sharma

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If you own a blog and you too wish to earn, try Chitika and start earning.

Chitika is as online advertising company based on search-targets. If some one comes on your website from search engines , and then clicks on ads that is getting displayed on your website using Chitika, you get paid.

Chitika acts as an alternate to Google AdSense. If you do not have option to earn money using AdSense, prefer Chitika and start earning again.

How it Works ?

The track is being made with the data by referring to views of visitors. Every time when any visitor views your website,running with Chitika ads, data is been maintained.

Chitika then, refer Web browser(Chrome, Safari, IE etc. ), OS(Mac, IOS, Windows, Android etc.) used to visit your website.

Validity of calculations is being made with the help of applicable impression made from search engines on your website.

Chitika Insights than give you the report for your valid earnings.

One of the reason, that Chitika, can be preferred, the blogs that do not have much or heavy traffic can be refused by Google Adsense but can be used with Chitika to earn money.

Chitika is the only network, that offers to display ads on website, blogs and applications. You may start increasing revenue with the very first day.

Type of Ads that Chitika provides :

Chitika provides four different categories of ads that most suits to your website, apps or your blog. These ads can be listed as :
  • Text Ads
  • List Unit
  • Mobile Ads
  • Local Ads
Chitika Text Ads :

Chitika works with professionalism and make sure that any website or blog do not have any negative impression due to ads.
Chitika Text ads get displayed in the blue color with single /double underline.
Chitika selects keywords and links them to the advertisements.

Chitika List Unit :

You can even get the ads displayed in the list view that have higher chances of revenue when compared to text ads. This ads are displayed as shown below :

You just need to select the number of ads you wish to get displayed and customized the ads in regards to your website.

Chitika Mobile Ads :

Chitika helps to get the ads displayed on mobile considering that the traffic rate on mobile have higher ration then on the website if calculated with hourly activities.

Chitika ads are displayed at the very bottom of the page when your users scroll down maintaining your website status.

Chitika Local Ads :

In regards to the location and search keywords used, Chitika Local ads displays the ads related to the location, as same as the text ads but with maps and make sure that visitors are looking to appropriate ads respective of their location and search results.

Chitika , thus have everything that can help anyone to earn money, the way they wish to refer and would like to accept, by keeping their website as it is and attracting more revenue with increased in the number of ads clicked.

If you are a publisher or you are an advertiser, Chitika have its own platform to help you earn more. You just need to signup for the account , provide your role and everything goes with Chitika.