Tutorial Easy Earn Through Roomster Affiliate Program.

Abdul Halim

Nowadays very easily earn money through Affiliate marketing. Day by day it is very spread through the world. Besides i want to earn money from affiliate marketing.

Zirkon Kalti

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Did you read reviews on whether other affiliates get paid for finding new roommates. There have been reports that the employees of Roomster create fake ads on Craiglist to get people to go to their website to sign up.

Monica Chortle

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It is also important to mention that I only received fake proposals from their. ... If you've beenfrustrated with scammers on Craigslist, just wait till you sign up for a paid ... I would get random messages from people saying "I spoil my roommates" and ... I would rate this site 4 stars considering the site doesn't have anything other .


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Roomster affiliate program is it's easy money. Roomster is one of the top roommate finders online and they are paying $1.00 per lead or 50% a sale. It's free to sign up and payout is every month by the 10th.