Help Me/Question Easy To Use Blogs?

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What blogs are more easier to use? Is it wordpress or blogger? or other free hosting blog that you prefer? Explain guys why do you choose it? And also, show your blog here


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I use wordpress, mainly because I have control over it (I mean I host my own wordpress blog) I do not like bloggers or the kind of blog that sits on the providers server.


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Well blogger is good. But mostly on U.S. prefer wordpress. And mostly on Asia uses blogger and im from asia and i like easy money on adsense so i make blogs on blogger.


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I used WP too, and it is total control of your blog, you can install any plugins you want on your WP blog.

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I see. Does wordpress needs plugins? I don't know how to install plug-ins so im using blogger. Just drag and add.
It's very easy to install plugins. Download plugins on your local machine and then upload it in the folder plugins. Now activate it from control panel that's it!


I have often experienced wordpress blogs getting banned..
So i prefer using blogger..
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