Effect of domain name in ranking?

Domain name effects ranking

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I have read somewhere that domain names play important role in website ranking.How many of you support this concept,please tell me the truthness of this statement.For me choosing a domain name is just what i like most pleasing to me



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Here are some of the ways a domain name can affect your business:
i. the shorter the domain name, the easier it is to pronounce and when it needs to be type out, the less chances of error, for example temi.co.uk and HandMadePresents.co.uk , which is easier to type?
i. Domain name plays a part in your ranking, if a domain name contain keywords you are targeting it much easier to get to the top with less effort than a domain name that does not contain the keywords you are targeting.
iii. Some people argue that hypen in domain name is good, I have not seen evidence of that.


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I would say it all depends, can a keyword targeted domain effect a ranking? Yes... for a quick jump on the serps, however through my personal collection of sites/domains I have seen that the short domains are better, and regular english words are not as good as made-up words. For example: yahoo.com is better then bigsearchengine.com. This is ofcourse based on the fact that the content of the site is targeted with your niche.

I fugure its like this... having a keyword friendly domain is kinda like using blackhat tricks, it will get you up but in most cases you will fall quickly after achieving those serps.
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