Tutorial Effective Strategies To Increase Profile Attraction On Pinterest


It's Game Time!

Hi guys!

I am back again for another tutorial of mine, and this one is going to be quite interesting. You know why? The reason why its interesting, is because we are now talking about Pinterest. Yes, we do have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other social networks, but what makes Pinterest different from the others?

Pinterest is a social network that focuses more on gallery sharing in my own opinion. We can share images and videos by creating boards and pinning them through it. What I really like about Pinterest that it has its own browser extension. If we would like to pin an image, video or content from any website, simply click the Pin button on the browser and you select the board for you to post it.

Did you know that most Pinterest users are women? It is because they love this social network, especially if its gallery or photo type. I usually observe that most of the niches that being shared here are fashion, recipes, travel, girl stuff and more. This is kinda less stuff when it comes to affiliate or IM products for sure. But nothing is impossible, as long we believe and can make it possible. If others can do it, so do we.

Anyways, I am now going to share how we are going to make a difference with this beautiful social network. I am gonna share some effective strategies that can make your profile more attractive and eventually gaining followers and traffic to it.

Are you ready for this? Let's get started in learning this stuff!


Strategy #1: Complete your profile with bio, pictures and other details

I think this is one of the most important strategies that you should be doing in order to become attractive on Pinterest. In order for the visitors to become fully attracted with you. All you have to do is simply complete your profile with your own bio, profile picture and other necessary options. Make sure that they are all complete so that it may increase a lot of attention to other people who are in the same niche as yours.


Strategy #2: Fill your Pinterest boards with amazing and attractive pins

Not only you should have complete details in your profile, but this is another strategy that you should be considering like no other. The second strategy that I am going to reveal to you now is no other than fill your Pinterest board with interesting images and videos. You can take a look at the example above on how Jane Wang sets up her account with pins on her respective boards. I think it really looks beautiful as it is. You've got to do the same thing, but it should be better than any other profiles out there.


Strategy #3: Follow niche-related profiles

Another strategy that I would like to consider in gaining full attention to your Pinterest profile is simply no other than following profiles that are related to your niche. For example, if your niche is all about food recipes, you should be searching for profiles that are having the same interest as yours. It is important to follow targeted Pinterest profiles. Don't expect them to follow you back, but they will as long you have finished Strategies #1 and #2, respectively.


Strategy #4: Like and comment others' boards and pins

Another one that I would like to consider in my arsenal is no other than liking and commenting to others' boards and pins. In that way, you are already building good relationships with them. But don't expect anything from them, and don't force them to follow. Once they saw your profile and attracted to it, for sure they will follow back. But not only that, they will check out your boards and pins, and may like and comment too.


Strategy #5: Keep your account updated

Finally, one of the most important strategies that you should do is to keep your account active and updated with brand new pins for your followers to get noticed. Once your account is inactive for a while, you may be losing followers, traffic, engagement and the potential to make money with them. Just keep an eye on your account from time to time.

BONUS! Here's a Youtube video from CNET about the Pinterest tips and tricks that you must know for your business or so. Anyways, here is the video below:

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the effective strategies in getting increased attention to your own Pinterest profile. Since most women are using this social network, but it doesn't mean that men can make a difference there too. Pinterest isn't strict only for women, but this is for men as well. Pinterest can give us a lot of potential to gain followers and possibly earn traffic and money there.



Content Writer
Yes, Pinterest is not only a site for fashion and heels but it is also a good avenue to present products in a visually creative manner. I also agree that posting informative comments and sharing other's posts will aid in making pages visible to a greater number of users.


Yellow Belt
Wow, awesome information and I really like it. By leaving or posting the attractive images, we can easily impress the individuals towards our profile on Pinterest.