My 2 Cents Effective Tips To Make Money With Facebook Groups


It's Game Time!

Hello everyone!

It looks like we feel the weekend to come again, as the days have passed since the last one. Since these days are so fast right now, we should act fast in order to become successful on what we are trying to do, especially in Facebook. As you may know about this number one social media networking site, this is actually best for business. Most of the businesses around the world are preferring to use Facebook to reach out to their customers. One way to do that is to create your own Facebook group.

I know that there are other ways for us to promote our respective businesses on Facebook alone. The most common method is to create a Facebook fan page for your business, and do paid advertising with Facebook ads. For me, I think Facebook ads gives us more targeted audience than other web advertising platforms around the corner. But it does not mean that other methods like Facebook groups can make a statement of their own. Of course we can do this in a free and tedious way of updating our Facebook groups, or we can use the shortcut by subscribing to some software in the internet that can automate your posts in Facebook groups.

However, we are not going to talk mostly about your Facebook group. Instead, we are going to talk about joining other relevant Facebook groups and make money with them instead. Do you really think that it's possible for us to make money with Facebook groups? Of course! As what one of the best advice that I ever got from my coaches and mentors, "Nothing is impossible with God".

Okay I would like to get straight to the point now. I would like to reveal some few effective tips that you can make money with Facebook groups once and for all. The question that I have is that are you ready to learn this whole process for good?

In that case, here we go!

1. Engage with other posts from group members

I would really think that this is going to be one of the most important tip that you should do in joining a relevant Facebook group. Before you are going to make money with Facebook groups, I would strongly advice that you should build relationship and trust first by participating in other posts coming from other group members. Let's say for example, if one member posted a question on a Facebook group, try your very best to answer it for that member. Don't just leave a short answer though, try to do a little effort on why your answer is the best one. If you keep doing that to other members, they might notice you well and may increase their trust on you. In that way, there's no problem for you to make money with them. Even if you are not allowed to advertise your product or service, you can simply have a landing page link that points to your money site.

2. Share relevant viral content that converts and engages audience

This is also one tip that I am lacking before, which is to share viral relevant content that catches the attention of the entire group. You can share something like meme or viral video as long it is relevant to the group's niche. One way for you to maximize that is simply buy WP Social Mage or Socifunnel Wordpress Plugin. For me, they are giving you viral images and videos that these group members are eager to click and check it out.

3. Never post direct affiliate links

I would suggest that you never do this in posting to various Facebook groups. You know why? Not only you will lose reputation, but may lose trust as well. I know that affiliate links are the gateway for you to make money, but we are here to give value to the community first. You can share a landing page first with your money link or ad on it about a high quality relevant information.

4. Offer some free giveaways in exchange of their emails

If you are trying to build a list, make sure that you are offering them something for free. People like free stuff like eBooks, videos or software and other ones that are kinda related to the group's niche. If you do this, not only they will opt-in to your list and receive your free gift, but they may be your future hungry buyers soon.

I would really hope that these few tips to make money on Facebook groups are going to help you right now. If you're one of those people who are having problems in banking cash with Facebook groups, this article is for you. Don't just learn, take serious action!


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In my experience, facebook groups are not particularly helpful in making money or doing promotion. It is easy to find audience on Facebook groups, however, most of the people in these groups are marketers themselves, they are not interested in buying,they just want to sell. I think more beneficial is a facebook page.If you niche is baby products, create a page,promote your page and post your links

Manish Mishra

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I am sure you meant traffic when you say money from Facebook group, Aren't you mate?
This is really one fabulous post. It can help people to monetize their site on social networking and it will easy to make your more reach to people out there.


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I think you saying Facebook group is the way to earn money in different ways. Facebook group will help us promote our business and we can get good traffic from it.

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I think for businesses, Facebook can be a good way to earn some clients and traffic. For instance, an unknown photography studio started posting their first clients' photos. They then proceeded on posting subsequent photos and since then, celebrities, rich people, politicians flock to their photography studio to have their photos taken. So I think Facebook is a great way to earn some market as well if you do the tips given in this thread.


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I think this is worth trying. Some of the methods listed in here are already proven effective. As I browse the internet just to confirm it, some people have already done this to gain money or advertise their web pages.


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I think I will note some of the points you have mentioned as I have never used facebook for my commercial activities. But if there is a way we can take advantage I would like to give it a try. Thanks for ideas. By the way why do the groups not a good idea for sharing links?


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Interaction is key when it comes to make most from social network. Another important factor is only 20 percent of sharing should be related to your own products or service, and remaining 80 percent should be of others. If you share others' works, they will reciprocate.

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As far as traffic is concerned I may not have a problem in Facebook for I have more than 3,000 friends and in my one Facebook I have more than 10,000 followers. When I am going to market or promote a product or what about my several blogs, do I have a better position of getting a good readers and market for that matter?

I will try if it is really feasible. The suggestions are too practical and If I am going to follow them, I would claim the success of my effort for that particular situation. It takes me, I think, the guts and the determination to do it.


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Being in a Facebook group is one of the strategies to be noticed online. The good thing about being in a group is the convenience of marketing or promoting your product in a personal manner since you can already determine the interests of the members.


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It has some tips for making money of your website with Facebook group,
Make a Facebook Group with adding more and more people in your Facebook group,
and join other public group which has more audience.
After the start share your website content with all group, But you have to be target a right group with unique content,

Swati Mishra

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I am hearing first time that Facebook is the way to making money. i knew it Facebook is the place where we can use it to promote our business.