My 2 Cents Email Marketing For Your Business With Mailchimp

Prasoon Arora

White Belt

MailChimp, an established name in the field of email marketing, can be accessible from website as well as smartphone applications, and is too accessible in offline application but with limited features.

MailChimp helps any business in sending marketing emails, automated emails, and targeted campaigns.
MailChimp is the best platform that have all the features that is required for email marketing by enterprise-level business.

The mechanism of MailChimp can be understood as :
  • Sending welcome letters or emails to new customers
  • Sending emails to users considering their interests
  • Sending emails based on their website activities
  • Providing recommendations by tracking their past purchases.

MailChimp, have further separate section to make a marketing email looks more professional, and makes your customer feels safe and secured to use your subscription for long. MailChimp, put all its efforts to hold your customers with the features and maintaining the workflow in a way that can never be ignored. The workflow of MailChimp is listed as below :
  • Welcome Message
  • Educated Subscribers
  • Welcome Series
  • Custom triggers
  • One time event
  • Annually recurring event
  • Website Activity
  • Best Customers
  • Specific Product Purchase
  • Purchase from category of products
  • Any product purchase
  • Mandrill Email activity

MailChimp targets the people on the basis of their subscription and un-subscription, it the people agree to receive the notifications from you, they directly goes to your list and start receiving emails making it more professional to make business response.

Why prefer MailChimp ?
  • MailChimp takes initiative of everything whether it goes for receivers end or referred to senders preference.
  • MailChimp provides you the options for drag and drop designed campaigns suiting your style.
  • MailChimp allows you to add your store and adds more value to it by helping you in trageting campaigns, taking the follow up and tracking the list of purchased and searched products.
  • MailChimp, assure that emails are sent to the right person and at the right time , resulting in higher response rate.
  • MailChimp analytics, allows you to have track for your sales, revenue anywhere anytime.
  • MailChimp online, offline applications helps you to access your reports as mobile friendly reports.
When email marketing comes to the business, it is very important what format is being provided , what templates are chooses as too much images can results to no response, too much text can make the reader bored. MailChimp have the selections for all type of email marketing templates making it more suitable to send to the readers to promote different marketing events.

MailChimp also keeps the track to make their subscribers feel special with their workflow. Subscribers receives the birthday emails to let them feel special and results in good advertisement in front of friends, members and other.

MailChimp, provides you the support from creating your emails designs, managing subscribers profiles, delivering your emails considering time zone, to building reports that can be accessible everywhere.

One of the best feature that anyone would prefer and is required too , is being provided by MailChimp with Email Beamer Feature. You can create campaigns without accessing to MailChimp,by accessing and managing your emails from Outlook , Gmail or Yahoo account, or on your mobile all together.

You just need to send the response to MailChimp using private email address provided by MailChimp to make sure authorized access is being made and further drafting of campaign in made automatically and is being sent.

The best option for Email Marketing that anyone would require or wish to think of can be consider as MailChimp, one stop shop for all in the field of Email Marketing. The more you experience, more you will prefer it.

Pooja Sharma

Well-Known Member
I have never thought that email marketing can be so easy to use, and can help us in earning money with these efforts. MailChimp workflow really helps in building trust relationship among readers and promote the associated products which in turns give rise in the revenue. As welcome letter can make users feel special and emails sent on the basis of website activity maintains the relationship and holds the subscription.