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i want to know about that email marketing, now days email marketing is beneficial or not, please share some valuable information.......


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I'm no expert. I'm not even a beginner, as I have read some about it, but haven't begun yet. But, I will try to answer your question based on what I have read. Email marketing appears to still be very useful, but you have to provide valuable content to a target niche, otherwise the subscriber will unsubscribe you, as they have a ton of other stuff to read. The days of getting results for spamming are over. There are actually laws about spam in the US. Good luck!


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There is no point in marketing the contents of Tom, Dick Harry. Thus, the first requirement is you need to have your contents that you want to market and gain traffic. After you have contents, you must have email list of potential clients. Then you can begin your campaign. Alternatively, you can also start a newsletter and send the newsletter via email


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Well, due to advancement in technology a lot of advanced marketing techniques and tools are available in these days and one of them is email marketing. Since it is known by everyone that email marketing is an excellent way to market a business or company. Majority of business organizations and companies are utilizing the platform only send emails to those who have signed up to receive them. It allows the business or company to get active readers and targeted audience for successful marketing.

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I am a student of ACCA and I study about the business. In it I also study the marketinh . first of all you should know that what is marketing. Marketing is a process through which a company tells its about the product or you can simply say that it is a method of telling customers about the product. And email marketing is a type of the marketing through which you can send emails to customers and tell about the product .

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Email marketing is growing marketing technique used by most people to offer their services. Various websites offer platform for email marketing like

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It is not a new marketing service but yet a very popular for all size of businesses. It gives a good chances to reach to your customers. With the regular updates you can bring traffic and a good online sale for your product.

Some e-mail marketing company offers relevant client basis mail releasing. I am sure it can help to a new business to reach to find success.


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Email marketing works only if the user is interested in such category, else they just hit the email to trash bin. I have never marketed using email because of most of the clients went on phone conversation.
In these days phone, Whatsapp and Social media is a good way than email marketing.


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Email marketing entails a business owner to secure a good distribution list and this can be done by proving links that lead to your mail in various social media sites. This is a good way to promote a product or service because it is personalized and you can also get immediate response from your clients.


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Sure it drive better returns on customer engagement and investment along with other marketing techniques. It reduce the over head cost, time and efforts with real-time messages.
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