Help Me/Question Encountering A Couple Of Problems...can You Help???? Please!

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hiya, im new to this, have got the installion up and running but there are problems:

1. I can add products etc.. but when it comes to trying to upload any images, the window opens up that allows you to do so but the when i've selected the image and press upload i get....

Warning: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 400876 is not allowed to access /web/sites/276/cuonghuynh/ owned by uid 0 in /web/sites/276/cuonghuynh/ on line 27

Warning: closedir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /web/sites/276/cuonghuynh/ on line 102

2. I can't create a directory [TEST] to upload images it says...

Warning: Unable to access product_images/TEST in /web/sites/276/cuonghuynh/ on line 145

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /web/sites/276/cuonghuynh/ in /web/sites/276/cuonghuynh/ on line 147

3. How comes when i click on the checkout it dosen't go the the checkout screen which would allow me to add, delete, update my basket, it just goes back to the home page????

4. If i have only 2 quantities of an item, how can i still add 5 to my shopping basket? shouldn't it come up with an error message?

5. Does anybody know how to create the .htaccess file properly, as i have done so but it dosen't seem to read the password list so i can't get in unless i delete it and then put the file back for protection. An example would be nice!

6. Why are there so many directories fro images which are the same. I have noticed that the template files from admin don't always use the image files from that directory but some from the ig_shop/images or ig_shop/templates/images [which they have two, one which is spelt wrong]. ITS ALL VERY CONFUSING!

My server has safemode on but if i upload the required safemode files from the safemode/admin dierctory to overwrite my current files in admin. the admin page dosen't work properly so i have just used the normal files. running php3. safemode on.

if you can help, much appreciated!




please find on the igshop package the files for safe mode servers
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