England Cricket - Pietersen and Moores Resign

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England captain Kevin Pietersen and coach Peter Moores have both resigned this morning.

Pietersen resigned after the England and Wales Cricket Board refused to concede to his demands for the future direction of the team.

Telegraph Sport understands that Pietersen sent a list of requests to the board that went further than the removal of Moores as head coach.

It is thought the ECB, who have not issued an official statement on developments, have decided to take a hard stand against Pietersen and that Andrew Strauss will be appointed as his successor later today.

Strauss has captained England before but a recent return to consistent form has propelled him back into the reckoning.

Pietersen is due to return from holiday on Thursday but by then it is likely the ECB will have completed its restructuring of the England management.
The ECB executive board held a teleconference late last night during which Hugh Morris, the managing director of England cricket, was handed a mandate to take drastic action.

It appears Morris has canvassed the England players and backroom staff and that there is not a consensus of support behind the captain.

It is also apparent the ECB are keen to avoid setting a precedent that enables the captain to call the shots and dictate the structure of the side's management.



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I think Pietersen is a bit arrogant to issue an autimaom to the board to back him or the coach, I would have reacted the way the board reacted too.
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