EstHost: good news + promo

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Dear Webmasters!

The summer is coming to its end and the time to work hard is about to start. That is why EstHost is proud to present you some good news:

1. The amount of prepaid traffic has increased within all our server plans without a change in price:
configuration A,B from 1000Gb to 1500Gb
configuration C,D,E,f from 1000Gb to 2000Gb
configuration G,H,I from 2000Gb to 3000Gb

You can see the configurations at

We have also taken care of our customers and they have received the same changes so noone would overpay for traffic.

2. As for the promo:

We have 100 servers (configuration is below) with preinstalled OS (Centos 5.2, FreeBSD 6.3, 7.0, Fedora Core 7, Debian 4) and they can be given away within 15 minutes.

AMD Sempron 3100
Port 100 Mbit
1500 GB/m Traffic
Free Remote Reboot
Free OS reinstall

The price is $99 a month and our moneyback policy is valid for 10 days.
Hurry, 100 servers for that money isn't that many.

You can contact us using any given contacts at

EstHost Team
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