Just Gossip Every Person Should Obey His/her Religion.


Every person should do what they think is the right path for them individually. Nobody's individual path will be the same but it all ends up at the same point; finding out who you are. Realize that if God wants you to obey him, he wants you to do it willingly. This is a contradiction because he is basically forcing you to do something which will only be acceptable if you do it spontaneously. This was the original sin, to be tricked by the notion that you can follow the commandments. The first commandment is love God which cannot be OBEYED, it was meant to surprise you into realization. Just like you can't force a child to play, hey will get very confused, especially when we tell them they HAVE to go to sleep or use the potty. Very confusing to our generation.


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I would differ a bit on your title that says everybody should follow his religion. In fact religion is a set up created by humans itself for their convenience like different political parties we have. But one good point is that the crux of every religion is to be a good human being. But nowadays as you can see religion is being used for our selfish needs. So, it would not be wise to follow any religion only because of our birth relation with it. We all have same blood and body, then why there should be a barrier called religion. Just think of a world where there is a single religion called humanity.


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Every one says that god is our creator, But where is The GOD and where is They obey.
Because of my birth to till today, God never give me any obey or don't have any help from god.
So how can we say that GOD is our creator.
And last thing is Religion is make by people....

niranjan kumar

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I do not know who am i ? .
what is the purpose of our life ? we do not know so we obey the own culture and religious lifestyle.
so how can i say something about after death.i have no idea before birth and own existence so its the secret who am i ? and no one explained fully story about after death.