My 2 Cents Everyone Is Ignoring The Main Enemy Of Content Marketing


Content Writer
In an attempt to find new customers for my business, web designing and marketing, I read somewhere about conducting a sort of workshop, offer free snacks and distribute flyers and stuff. So I did one 2 weeks back and here is what I learned.

Most of them used e-newsletters. All had a Facebook page. Every one of them was worried about their search engine ranking but no one cared enough to initiate a plan. Lazy?

One other consistent characteristic? None of them were happy with their current marketing plan. This isn't unusual. It is quite predictable for seniors to be unsatisfied with their marketing plan. This is usually because they feel it needs to be easier. They also feel like there is a simple answer that can solve all their problems.

Unfortunately, that's how they go about with the content efforts too. As a result, their blog posts didn't get too much traffic or conversions. Their newsletters weren't being opened. Their customers ignored them on Facebook. Staying on the first page of search results was just as hard for them.

The problem

The biggest problem which all of these businesses were facing was the fact that they were creating content which was already easily available. They weren't adding any value to it and customers just weren't interested in what they were offering.

Should customers care?

As a marketer, you don't have to worry about creating lots of content. It's not about that. It is about creating minimum content which can promote the maximum behavior change in customers. For this to happen, the content needs to be useful, valuable, different and compelling.

Making them care

The easiest way of doing this is by making your content different. This is easier said than done. But it is possible for you to tell a compelling and different story by looking at varied data points. Here's a few things to keep in mind:
  • Audience: Are you niche enough for your audience? Pet owners is a very broad target audience to have. Being too detailed is not the way to go either. In order to be relevant, you need to think about your actual target audience when creating content.
  • How to tell the story: Content marketing's been around for years and has been known as various things. Being the first to create a new product or term can help you create a huge market for yourself.
  • Platform: Choosing the correct platform is very important too. Are there thousands of blog posts about your industry? Perhaps you could consider releasing a few podcasts instead?
  • Subject matter: Tools like Google Trends are helpful in uncovering breakout terms which don't have many instructional sources. Perhaps those are the terms you should be targeting?

Let me end this with a thought.

Would any of your customers miss the content you're providing if you were gone? No? Then that's your problem. You need your customers to be longing for your content. It's much harder to buy attention today. It has to be earned. "Good" just doesn't cut it anymore.