My Suggestion Examples Of Christmas & New Year Homepage Designs For 2016-17

Holiday-themed web design is a powerful tool to enhance your website this season
Apart from its visual appeal, seasonal web design demonstrates the relevance of your products
The smartest marketers will optimize their websites not only for mobile but also for the holiday season
How have other companies redesigned their homepages for the holidays? Let's take a look.
1) PayPal
PayPal's holiday homepage works because it still looks like PayPal with some seasonal flavour & whitespace
2) Sephora
Just like Paypal even Sephora did not completely change the look of the website
They featured highest rated products & editor’s picks for the holiday season
3) FitBit
The dark background lets the product shine in the FitBit’s homepage design for holiday season.
The photography is similar to jewellery in beautiful boxes
cheerfull holidays.jpg


Yellow Belt
Holiday Season and Homepage Design Setting, sounds interesting as well as it creates an impression of brand consciousness among users as they will find you updated and will love to shop from your site. Ecommerce websites need to implement this for sure and most of them already do this, I guess!