Help Me/Question Extortionate Private Registration Services Fees ... Any Cheaper Option?

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Anyone got any tips about this? Thing is ...

Registered a couple of domains today, with LuckRegister, who I use a lot...have about ten domains with them.

And I added Private Registration Services for $1.99 each pa. Quite reasonable, more or less. (Then again, if the system were consumer-oriented, that would be a simple checkmark, duly databased, for free, no?)

But then I noticed I had a couple of expiring domains, so went to sort that...

...but now LuckyRegister want $7.99 each per annum, just ot renew the Private Registration Services.


That's a bit steep, no?

Is there any way of reducing this cost, even if it means transferring my domains?

Many tx.


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You can transfer your domain to your domain to any other web hosting providers.. is one of them. You can try here also. Here the private registration is 1.95/yr only...
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