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Hello guys!

I am back again for another product review, and this time it's all about Facebook Group Auto Poster. Also known as FGAP, this was created by Aronprins himself. At first, I was really skeptical if this is going to be another waste of time for me, but good thing that they have a trial feature. So I have nothing to lose but to try them once and for all. As I have tried this one of a kind software, and followed instructions, I realized that it's actually a gem for me. It worked on my part as I'm doing a test run in promoting to various Facebook groups on autopilot. The good news is that I was not banned by a single group!

Back from the past, I have joined several internet marketing groups as many as I could. I remember that time that I am still trying to make money with affiliate offers through promoting on Facebook groups. But I realized that it was time consuming for me to post in many Facebook groups in a day. For me, I think it eats up a lot of time for me to promote them once and for all, by simply opening multiple tabs at the same time. I have tried any other Facebook marketing software in the past, but nothing seems to work on my part. So I gave up promoting to Facebook groups, until this one came to me.

In this article right now, I am going to share to you more about my honest review with Aronprins' Facebook Group Auto Poster. Are you ready to learn what is this all about? Here we go!

What is Facebook Group Auto Poster?

This is a cloud-based software created by Aronprins himself that allows you to post as many Facebook groups as you can on autopilot. I have subscribed to them on a $1 trial, and I find that it works on my part. For me, I think the reason why I am pursuing Facebook Group Auto Poster because I wanna leverage my time in posting to various internet marketing related Facebook groups for good.

How does Facebook Group Auto Poster work?

First step: Select as many Facebook groups as you can promote (you can sort them if you want for niche experiments)
Second step: Schedule your random posts
Third step: Activate!

My own thoughts with Facebook Group Auto Poster

Let me share to you on what I'm about to say with Facebook Group Auto Poster. When I tried this to my own and added all internet marketing groups with this software, it works like a charm. I started scheduling and promoting something on various Facebook groups that are being added, and it was so easy. At first, I had no clue on how to do this, until I have seen a step-by-step tutorial video on how we can set this all up. It was so easy to follow in setting up my own posts.

The Facebook Group Poster also has an affiliate program that can give us recurring commissions right here and there. I currently have two of them signed up under my affiliate link and I am surprised that they continue to use this for more than a year and counting. By the way, if you want to continue using this revolutionary software, you need to pay $10 and $25 per month, respectively. The difference between those two packages is that the $25 has more features than the $10, and it can give you more benefits like no other.

Anyways, here's the tutorial video coming from Aronprins himself about the Facebook Group Auto Poster:

My important tip to you in doing this one is that you may not be doing hard selling. Instead, try to build relationship first to the Facebook related groups by simply giving them free information or video that could help them for good. It is important that as a member of the group, you should always give value to the rest of the community there. I know that everybody there needs some information that can be useful for them. For example, if your product is all about health, you should be looking for something to share that is related to health. The same thing goes with other niches. This will take notice that you are a valuable member to the group, and not a spammer.


I would like to give Facebook Group Auto Poster a perfect 5 out of 5! They worked perfectly in my part on autopilot, and literally a time saver for good! I hope this review helps you decide if you wanna grab this or not.​


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Nice review. If the product you shared, works properly, we can get our business promoted in the easy ways.

Furqan Rashid

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WAO!! I am new to it and am definitely going to try out. It is looking manageable one and I guess can help us to promote more easily.