Tutorial Facebook Marketing Tip: The Tag Trick

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Facebook's Image tagging service is extremely powerful. The problem is that most people have no idea how to use the service to correctly market themselves.

Most people either don't use it at all or they use image tagging in a way that just ends up ****ing people off.

Don't Do It This Way
First, let me cover how not to use facebook image tagging (using it this way will get people mad at you!).

A lot of restaurants do this and it really hurts their business…

For example, A Restaurant will take a picture of something they serve at their location and then they upload it to facebook and then tag a ton of people.

While this will get a ton of people to look at the picture and see the food item, it also ****es people off. There is nothing that makes a person hate a business more than when the business tags them in a picture that they aren't
actually in.


This is How To Use Tagging to Go Viral
(without ****ing people off)
Hint: Get their friends (instead of you) to tag them in your photo!
Image Tag Viral Marketing (The "Cool†Way)

1) First You Want to Create A Base Image that tells people exactly what to do and how to do it.


For a large image go to: imgur (dot) com/RpL74

2) The image pretty much explains the steps you want to take to get others to download, reupload, and tag their friends in your image, but lets go over them here.

(This example is for the case study we did)
a) Right Click and Save This Image To Your PC
b) Upload it to your Facebook Profile
c) Photo Tag "Ben Adkins†on the Adkins Chiro Logo
d) Tag Yourself as the Center Character (so it appears in their feed)
e) Tag 5 Friends on the Surrounding Characters (so their friends get a notification)
3) Upload the image and make a short post about it in your status update area.

The Viral Component:
You motivate them to download/upload/tag by giving away a prize to their friends (the big prize we gave away was a free xxxxxxxx for the friend and a xxxxxx at 50% off if their friend won for them (the original tagger) ) (btw: We only gave away one xxxxxx and one xxxxxx at 50% off… we picked a winning tagger and tagged person from all the entries)
This works wonders because of a few reasons:

1) They are motivated to participate because there is a prize and because it shows the five people they tag that they really like them a lot.

2) Once a person is tagged, they check the image out and are extremely likely to download the image and tag their friends (they almost always tag the person who originally tagged them too)

3) This "Game†is extremely Social (which is what Image Tagging is all about).
This works really well because we aren't tagging 20 people at a time and because if you get tagged, it usually comes from a really close friend (who must really like you if you are in their "top 5â€â€¦ which is essentially what this game conveys on a "Social Levelâ€)

So how well does this work in practice? (remember that I got tagged in every image on the logo so I could track it.)

This is a capture of "Images of xxxx†page of Facebook. (it basically contains anything I've ever been tagged in.
Keep in mind that for every image here… there are 5 people tagged in each image who saw my logo pop up in front of them without me paying a dime for it.


For larger image go to: imgur(dot)com/YUNtc

This was a promotion that we only ran for a short period of time. We only posted in our status about it once and it carried itself from there. (imagine what might happen if you put this together with Facebook Ads)

This is a great way to use the Facebook Image tagging system for a ton of almost free advertising which is driven by people who want free stuff. You'll be amazed at how far a viral image can go.

Note: Somewhere on the picture… it always good to give them a way to tag your brand… that wasn't available when we first launched this contest but now you can "tag†a page in an image as well… Which makes this trick 10X more effective (you don't have to "friend†or "like†a brand to tag them).

This one made me a lot of money the first time I did it and it continues to work every time we use it… So use it sparingly and it will continue to work wonders for you or you're clients.


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Marketing yourself on Facebook starts with a good profile set up. If you are concerned about privacy, Facebook provides some settings that let you to identify certain groups of friends to see your more personal content.Having a large group of friends on Facebook is impressive to your visitor. It's a form of social proof that is invaluable to the conversion of a prospect into a client or customer.


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Definitely an interesting way of going viral on Facebook although with time and following a plan you can build a fan page on facebook and that will build income for the long haul. Everyone wants a quick buck, but quick as you make it, you will spend it. So I have to have an income source built for longevity! I think the above mentioned method is worth a shot since it is all spelled out. I'll have some of my newbie friends do it for testing. Thanks.


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face book is very good site to chatting with all our friends and any members....we can upload images and video...where ever we go the face book come with us..


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hi guys face book is a best way to marketing . It is a strong possibility that these contacts have email addresses and a further possibility that they have Face book accounts. It is a strong possibility that these contacts have email addresses and a further possibility that they have Face book accounts  ..u must  every day send 5 people friend request and improve your face book marketing
Hello sir i am very interested in face book and other social media websites i have created so many fan pages on face book,
So i think your post is very informative for me Thanks :)


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Well ...till now i did not know that facebook taggig is also a way of promotions. Its nice to know about this .Surely I would love to read about this.
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