Help Me/Question Facebook Vs Everything Else


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Hey guys. As far as starting a blog, newsletter, and forum, what are the best social media platforms to focus you limited time on. Of course facebook. Everyone says facebook. But, should I focus on others as well? If so, which ones? Thank you.

Zirkon Kalti

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An alternative is to use Instagram to promote your small business. Instagram can give you competitive advantage because it has lower competition and allows you to reach your target audience easily. Instagram is the best for businesses that target age group below 30 years old as this account for almost half of its traffic. Instagram lets you advertise your products/services for free. You can post photos and videos of your products onto your Instagram account including teasers of new products and behind the scene photos of your products.


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For me, if you are able to do it in all top 3 social media sites, that would be better. If you want to reach more people you can use the top 3 social media sites to advertise or post your ads or your website.

suzzi winget

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noone can compete with facebook right is the most popular social networking site. yes you can promote your product or post your ads on facebook. it will help you to get traffic but if use other networking sites like twitter, instagram etc with facebook then also you have more why dont you use all to get more crowd in just few months. i know it will be difficult but not IMPOSSIBLE.


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Using Twitter where you can create catchy materials so clients could be directed to your link, LinkedIn that enables you to build your professional identity online and Pinterest which is a good visual bookmarking tool could help in popularizing your business. Surely, Facebook creates good traffic to your product or service but you can try multiple sites to boost your sales.

steve taylor

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In the social networking site facebook is best.
In the facebook create a new account and add friend and post your daily status.
share your thoughts picture and create pages on a topic.In the facebook there are many fake account.
If you want to know anything then visit forum websites Here many people give your question answer.


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In addition, Instagram is also one social media site which you can use especially if you have good visuals and marketing materials to promote your business. Online sellers use Instagram to somehow create an online catalog.


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There are many social media platform are available on internet but Facebook is biggest on them and others are such as "twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, google+, Snapchat, hi5, flicker.
Facebook :- This is the biggest social networking site and their are approx 800 Millions users.
Twitter :- It is second largest social media site.
Google+ :- It has approx 300 millions monthly active users and use for relationship marketing.


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Facebook is best for promotion of your product/website as almost most of the people use facebook and have their id on facebook so it ill be very easy for you to promote your products.You can make facebook page about product and ask your friend to like it.Twitter is also best as it is also the medium of connecting with your friends and followers.So promoting your product on twitter and other networking sites will definitely helps you to increase traffic


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People are not just on facebook, they are here,there, everywhere. If you concentrate just on facebook, you will miss a great opportunity on G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Thus, you should be present on most of the popular social media platforms. Since it is free, why should we focus just on one platform.

Manish Mishra

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@butterfly : Facebook is the major of course. You can work with many social bookmarking websites. And for each content it is not that easy to go for every social bookmarking since you have more jobs in order to promote and optimize your website.

I believe, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can do a wonder for you. These are are top notch social bookmarking and that can really avail you a handsome traffic you never know how profitable it can be for your business.

Apart from that, working on loads of social bookmarking you may find a lack of charm since you will be engaged with the social bookmarking all day long. I hope you got my point.

niranjan kumar

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There are a lot of social media that help in your business, But if you are promoting your business in only Facebook it's not a good idea, you need to also use another social media such as twitter, snap-chat, hi5 and many more. If you are focusing more social media platform you can get more leads in your business.


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Hey guys. As far as starting a blog, newsletter, and forum, what are the best social media platforms to focus you limited time on. Of course facebook. Everyone says facebook. But, should I focus on others as well? If so, which ones? Thank you.
No doubt Facebook is the top most social media platform to get instant, unique and huge traffic. After that there are so many platforms to get social traffic like pinterest, Google+1, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. Keep in mind only Facebook traffic is not enough, visitors from other networks along with Facebook has a great impact on SEO tasks.