My 2 Cents Facebook Vs. Google

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
The battle already has begun and it can be very difficult for advertisers which one to choose for their advertising needs. The advertisers are often got puzzled which one would be good because one is the social giant and the other is biggest search engine.

The Facebook has many advantages and disadvantages and they are different approach. I don’t know where and how long this battle will goes?


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Both are giant companies that widely popular in the internet market when coming to the ads category both have similar and different stratgies, please go through them and chose the best as per your needs.


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Adwords wins, Facebook goes down on one day as they don't meet to Adwords because of non targeted traffic in Facebook, but at adwords we see real people that visits our sites.


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I was finding some keyword for my website in google Adwords then I knew about their new technique to advertise. but I couldn't understand their new method. today I knew the difference between AdWords and facebook ads. thanks for your helpful information.


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I think Google Adwords is better than facebook because we can get real traffic from Google but Facebook sometimes gives fake traffic.


Google has been growing revenues at 17% annually while Facebook actually accelerated its revenue growth to 72% in 2015 after two years of 50%+ growth. This is how Facebook has been able to start catching up to Google.