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Facebook the biggest platform for promoting your business and products worldwide. It offers some of the additional features by using them you get more audience and surety also. Not only this Facebook is also playing a big role in getting jobs and selling. People used to share their thoughts on various groups and pages and those who saw them they respond them via comments.
All in all facebook has become a very means of social media marketing and most of the companies prefer it for promoting their company. And i think that facebook will be adding more additional features from promotion so that it will become more easy.


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Facebook doesn't plays big role in getting jobs as it is spoiling people life too. Did you ever seen how people are uploading their pictures and how many are reusing them without permission.
Most of the college students they spend all the time on Facebook instead of studying. Zuckerburg should offer support to the users, but he isn't doing anything including the illegal data that are stored on Facebook.

A lot of cases has been registered in Police Stations for harassing on Facebook. Police too warned here not to use Facebook, but the teenagers will do.

Prasoon Arora

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If there is a thing that have advantages, that too owns the disadvantages. Facebook is just as same. If you are looking towards the data stored and shared illegally or unknowingly than there are other factors which proves Facebook to be the platform , as taking an example for social media marketing. It is all in our hands, whether we want to see the way as if the glass is half empty or glass is half full.


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Every thing have some advantage and some disadvantage, Facebook Have 800 Millions users over the world. All users use Facebook for their work like office work sharing their thought and Facebook is also use for promoting of any website or any webpage.
And i think Facebook have not a big storage database to store all type of data and so old data.
Facebook is most popular social networking site.It is easy for u connect and share with your family and friends online. Facebook is allows resisted to user to create account,upload images & videos,news,sharing,send messages and keep in touch with family and friends.

Facebook is one type of social media site.It is also use for online business and online marketing.Facebook is a help to promoting our business on google.Facebook is best platform to promote our business/organization.