Factors that amount to SEO

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Three fundamental elements to the seo

1. Background coding
2. Text copy
3. Link popularity

* Background coding: HTML code includes creating Title tags, Meta description tags, Meta keyword tags, hyperlinks, possibly headings, should be positioned correctly and easily accessible to the search engine spiders and crawlers. Making sure that important information to the spiders is located near the top of the page where it can be quickly and easily be found and positioned. Ensuring that java scripts and other such coding are moved out of the spiders' way.

* Text copy: This relate to the text on the site, your primary key phrases should be kept in strategic places so that this could be appealing enough to your customers to persuade them to purchase your service and product. It could also help you get the main points from the search engines.

*Link popularity: This involves how many sites have links that point back to your web site and the quality of those web sites. The theory is that if others in your field think highly enough of your web site to link to it and the products or services it offers, must be of good quality. Always be on the lookout for sites that are a good fit with yours and contact them about exchanging links.
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