Fake Cheap Nintendo DS Consoles Could Kill

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Yellow Belt
The HMRC has seized several hundreds of counterfeited Nintendo DS consoles around the country in a bid to reduce hardware piracy and the potential risks associated with the dodgy gaming consoles.

According to Pamela Rogers, HMRC's Head of Intellectual Property, "At best, these consoles would have led to disappointment on Christmas morning; at worst, they could have caused serious harm or injury."

Because they have been manufactured in unofficial, non-Nintendo assembly lines, they could potentially be dangerous as they have not been tested.

And because they cost only around £40 when imported from South East Asia (rather than the Suggested Retail Price of £100), they have proved to be very popular as Christmas gifts.

The problem also extends to console power supplies and other console accessories that are imported via popular websites like Ebay and Asian websites without being tested.

Other popular electronic products that are regularly counterfeited included Apple's iPods and iPhones and Nokia's mobile phones.

The news come as HM Revenue and Customs has announced that they are closing more than 90 offices and shedding more than 3400 jobs.

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