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We all go through successes and failures from the time we're children until the time we die. Many of our life experiences are positive, yet many remain negative and may even leave scars (both physical and emotional) behind. As time passes it seems that each year brings with it new challenges in communicating and actually understanding each other.

I've created a site that hopefully will help improve our awareness of those around us. I'm also hoping that it gives us a bit more insight as to the people we are and how we can better understand our past experiences by helping those who may be going through what we've already done.

The site is new (under 4 months) but has 50 members and over 100,000 page views (much better than I thought it would do in this time frame). Please feel free to give it a look and give me your honest opinions (good or bad).

Anything's helpful!


Not open for further replies.