Fast food brands hit kids online

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Fast food brands are getting around laws banning the promotion of unhealthy snacks online, research suggests.
New Advertising Standards Association rules prevent the online and offline advertising of fast food to children.

But, according to trade magazine New Media Age, fast food brands are targeting kids via games, videos and cartoons on their websites.

It accuses brands such as McDonalds, Kinder and Haribo of exploiting a legal loophole in the rules.

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New Media Age found that brands such as McDonalds, Hubba Bubba, Kinder and Haribo were all running games, videos and cartoons on their website.

"The brands might be sticking to the letter of the law but they're clearly in breach of the spirit of the latest Committee on Advertising Practice (CAP) code," said Nic Howell, deputy editor of New Media Age.

"The issue of fast food brands targeting kids has been all but dealt with when it comes to television and print advertising but it seems that some in the industry are going to fight for their right to advertise to kids to the very last," he added.

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Thanks for the info gkd_uk, I'll keep a watch on sites in my directory.

Does anyone have websites that trageted at the younger populations ? Childrens to teen sites. Do you carry such adverts on your site.

Interested to know your views on kids advertising..

Mike :)

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