My Suggestion Few Cons Of Social Media


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All we know about Pros, benefits and paybacks of working on social media. But there are some Cons while working on social media too,
One of the most important cons of social media work (especially on Facebook) is that it can provide a great interruption from the rest of the work that needs to be complete.
To break working on social media in the workplace is proven to be ineffective, because staff will instead check their mobiles and in turn, waste even more time. In addition, when you disallow this interesting social media ground, staff will face it as a challenge and spend less time working and do work without interests.
Lets share its solution if anybody have ?


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While social media can help people / companies create good image & do their branding, it can also be used to tarnish an image with false claims & reviews by fake accounts.


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You are talking about social media management, right? Like it's pointing to someone who is hiring staff to do social media management, correct? I admitted that there are some distractions around you when working in social media, even for myself. When I was doing social media management before on my own, it was hard to focus because of the temptations inside the social media itself, especially Facebook. It is important that we should maintain our focus and discipline in terms of working with social media. One of the books that really helped me a lot is Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog to prioritize things in life, especially social media.


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“Computer reliance could hurt a person’s ability to have a face to face conversation by making it awkward and unusual to hear something and respond with a thoughtful message through the spoken word because of one’s dependence on a keyboard to convey a message.” As I was thinking about this one, communicating face-to-face is a little bit different from communicating using keyboards.


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Aside from keeping workers distracted from their work, social media could also spread misinformation to users. Furthermore social media encourages people to talk or communicate through the sites instead of talking face to face to each other.