My 2 Cents Few Useful Tips - Working Faster In Google Drive


Blue Belt
Just want to share Few Useful Tips to work fast in Google Drive.

Send files directly to Google Drive, Share files, easily create new documents, edit them with one click, save in drive and you can easily access your files from anywhere from any device.

1. Create a Drive bookmark
Google Chrome always gives you easy access to Google Drive. While if Firefox or any other is your chosen browser, so you can bookmark shortcut of Drive and its contents.
2. Preview numerous documents
There’s nothing good at your job about opening a bunch of separate documents to find the specific one you want. Luckily, in Drive you don’t have to.
3. Find shared documents by coworker
Google Drive makes teamwork almost easy. So, it’s just like you have build up a good collection of shared documents. You can search for collaborators by name in Drive.
4. Use rapid creation links
Somewhat than open a new browser tab and login into the Drive every time you want to create a new spreadsheet or document, cut off some time by means of rapid creation links.
So put all of them to your bookmark toolbar.
5. Add Drive to Windows' “Send to” menu
If you have previously installed Google Drive on your computer, you can enable this useful shortcut. Navigate to Users > [your user name] > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Windows > SendTo.
Find Google Drive on the Favorites bar and drag it to the SendTo folder. This will let you right-click on any file in Windows and express it directly to Drive.

These five useful tips will help you get to your Drive account faster and with no trouble to find the files you require.