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Here comes an Exciting tale from me and never to do business with beginners or have to take some necessary actions.

I listed a Product in the starting of this month and after three days listed another product with great features less price to get a positive feedback. The product was sold to a nearest city guy and the buyer never bought anything from Ebay.

I sent the courier on the next day to reach it within 2 days and it was packed by me in well condition.

On third day the courier delivered to the buyer and I was happier to get a feedback from that buyer. Two days passed, but the buyer never ticked in Ebay the product is received to him.

After three days, I called the buyer and told him can't you tick the mark so that I can get money from Ebay.
The buyer answered the account wasn't with me and it was with another person, take this mobile number xxxxxx call him.
After calling to this another person, he told I am outside when I return home will do everything. Two days passed again this guy never made anything in eBay that the product received to him or rated me.
I called again, what happened, the guy answered will do today in night.

After a week the guy, marked the product received to him and written a message to me as Nice Product, instead of writing on feedback score. I am tired with this guy, but still want to get a positive feedback as I gave him at reasonable rate with warranty.
Giving 2 to 3 days again to this guy and told him to submit a feedback score and the answer is, he will do in the night. In the end calling calling the guy at last wrote the positive feedback. I think it took nearly 15- 20 days, for his feedback.

At E Bay Support.
I went into the chatting support for the charges against imported product that they deducted $0.75 and an employee from India chats with me
Hello I am Rubina, How may I help you?
My answer is: Ebay had deducted some money for fees against imported product can you look into the matter?
Employee: I am deeply sorry for having you such problem, Can you give me your Item number so I will look into the matter.
I gave the link of product and the employee checked it.
After 10 to 15 minutes, the employee comes up with decision, the product hasn't generated the bill not yet and you need to wait so we can look into the matter if anything need to adjust.

Thanks will meet later once it generated the bill.

I am daily checking when it generated the bill and few days back Ebay listed it would generate on 7th of January. I am now tired of this Ebay employees too as they can't make it fast process or look into the matter.

The Ebay already stated first 100 products had no fee and Indian Govt stated imported product has no fee. I have to wait untill to get the money in bank to list another product.

It looks like they won't release the cash easily and close the account at any stage. My plan was to drive buyers directly to my site so that they can save money easily.


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Thank you for sharing your terrible eBay experience to us @bharath. To tell you honestly, I never do business with eBay as I am not the type of guy who is selling and shipping physical products. One thing that I am scared of doing eBay is that the customer themselves can file a "fake" chargeback like "item damage" or "not functioning". But your case is different though. Although eBay was here for a long time, I still have doubts in doing business with them due that the customers cannot be trusted due to their silly chargebacks. I am not saying that eBay is bad, but this is what some have experienced nowadays.

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You should sell a variety of products and not just a single item if you want to make money selling items on Ebay. You can't blame the buyer because its up to him when he wants to leave feedback. The listing fee is just a few cents so you don't have to worry about it. Usually, there is no insertion fee for the first few items you sell on eBay every month. Isn't the bill generated at the end of month? They will usually send an email to notify you when the invoice is generated. I'm sure you can continue listing even if they haven't generated the invoice.


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@cheezcarls Never trust anyone as I read so many Indians who told they lost there money in Ebay for negative feedback or something even though they are Top Rated Seller.
People are making some easy cash on Ebay by bringing products from China, but still we have to depend on ourselves. I've seen people listed same products on Amazon for higher rates than on Ebay.
Ebay is Good, but both sides should have equal, if the buyer said later there is no item in the box, then what shall I do at that time. It looks like tough business some people posted on other profiles Item got damaged or broken, or burnt.

@Zirkon Kalti
Ebay stated their fees after 100 products sold, but the buyer should mark it when the item is received, if he did not marked then what will happen to me?
I can list more products, but this was first one and seen how much they charge for me? I learn t lesson not to deliver the products to new buyer and contact them before shipping here is a seller listed his own terms.
You just check at the shipping rules as they said won't ship to new buyers.
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I was actually going to start business with them but thanks for this thread. Gave me some ideas on how to deal if situation like this happens. I thought first, that ebay is simple and good for business but I need to think again.


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You are from India so I think you too import products and sell them on eBay, but take precautions when shipping to newbies as they don't respond to us and neither eBay answer for our questions. We are putting our eggs in some other person basket so they can hatch at any time.
For shipping also I paid double because I am not power rated seller too get discount on shipment.


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eBay has been operating since a long time in the US and it has been in India since more than a decade and since then has very little competition. Currently I just use eBay as a buyer and use it fairly regularly.
First time I signed up on eBay was to be a seller and the first items I sold on eBay many years ago were informational and digital products costing less than $5 each, at the time eBay did not even have a specific category or features for digital tools. From my experience and from what I have learned from other successful eBay sellers here are some tips for beginners:

  • Crooks are everywhere! eBay is a marketplace like any other online or offline, you will find honest buyers and sellers as well as crooks on the marketplace. eBay does have a very good system in place which keeps their marketplace relatively spam free and crook free, no marketplace can be 100% safe for buyers or sellers, but knowing how much technology eBay uses just to identify and remove crooks from their marketplace, I don't think any other auctions marketplace of such large scale comes close.

    So, be prepared to meet crooks there and get cheated upon on occasions, include these into your pricing calculations just like stores base their prices by including the expected losses due to shoplifting, damages, etc. You may have to raise your product price by just a few cents each to overcome a low loss rate due to crooks or scams. Don't get disheartened when you get scammed, learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them.

  • eBay Feedback score or Seller Reputation matters. I cannot emphasize this enough, your reputation and feedback score matter, especially if you are starting up on eBay. You have more chances of making sales if you have a good feedback score equal to, or close to 100% and high number of feedbacks received (number of buyers who gave feedback).

    Try to provide excellent customer service, communicate with your buyers at every step even if you don't think it requires you to send them a message. I have sellers who sent me a message every step of the transaction, most of it is automated by their own selling system, but many sellers do it manually. They send a note to thank me for buying when I checkout, they send another message to inform me that the item was shipped and when I should expect it to arrive, they send a note if shipping was delayed and apologize and ask for my opinion, they send a note after I receive the item asking me if I need any help or have issues with the product, they leave a positive feedback and remind me to leave the same. If I have issues with a damaged product or wrong product sent, they quickly offer solutions, some of them don't even ask me to send the product back, they just refund the money and ask for positive feedback, imagine if the item cost was $10 and it took $3 to ship it back, they would just be saving $7 and giving me the trouble of shipping their item back to get a refund. For higher price items we do have to ship the item back to the seller, but so far I never had any issue with any higher priced item.

    So, customer support and customer satisfaction is paramount to your success on ebay. EVEN IF your customer is a crook and blackmails you to get something free or threatens to give negative feedback, just resolve it amicably and take the loss as part of the business.

  • Who you sell to, matters - eBay gives you an option to reject buyers who have low feedback or no feedback, these are new accounts and most scammers do not get past this stage on eBay, thus most of the scammers are with low feedback or no feedback (most, not all). At the same time, it does not mean that everyone with zero feedback is a scammer, everyone started with a zero feedback on eBay! Once you get enough feedback yourself as a seller, you have option to reject buyers with low feedback score, this will help you eliminate some of the headache of dealing with risky buyers.

  • What you sell, matters - As a new eBay seller if I started out selling televisions or mobile phones having zero feedback, I would be lucky to have even one customer. Who would want to risk $500 for an iPhone purchased from a seller with no reputation or feedback score? Almost all sellers on eBay (except businesses who already have reputations) started out selling low priced, low end goods or services.

    Sell things which do not cost more than $10 or $25 but do not sell overpriced cheap goods, do not overcharge and do not sell defective products, it will backfire with getting you negative feedback and ruin your new ebay account.
    It is much easier for a buyer to risk a low amount of money if you are offering a good deal in comparison with other sellers on eBay, for a cheap product worth $10 and you selling it for $9, the buyers are psychologically more inclined to take a risk and buy from you, since they are only risking $9. And with the transaction you gained a new buyer and potentially a positive feedback - try your best to satisfy these buyers and remind them to give you feedback and give them positive feedback before they do.

  • Cross the threshold and then fly free on eBay Once you have gained enough positive feedback score on eBay as a seller, you can advance to higher priced products, create a professional look in all your listings, present yourself as an established eBay seller users can trust, keep your feedback score 100% or close to 100% which is vital to portray you as a serious and trustworthy eBay seller. Get a few high priced sales and try your best to get positive feedback, at this stage you have broken the ice between you and the eBay buyer community - now your business strategy and your service quality will determine your success or failure on eBay.

  • Look beyond borders eBay is global and helps people sell globally, utilize this to your advantage. One of the first things I sold were stamps and coins for collection. Stamp and coin collection was my hobby and when I outgrew it, I started listing my stamps and coins on eBay, I have received orders from all around the world and they were easy to ship and had zero negative feedback in all those sales. You could have knowledge of something else, try to sell that. I knew an eBay seller from India who was primarily selling Indian Movie Magazines on eBay and most of his customers were from outside of India, if I remember correctly at the time each Indian celebrity magazine would cost him about $1 - $2 and they were being sold for $10-$15 depending on condition and popularity of the magazines, shipping magazines was not expensive and that gained him a profit of around $4-$5 per sale, that was a long time ago. The prices may have changed but the concept remains the same, checkout items which get you the highest profit margin and invest money on listing your items on eBay globally and ship products globally. I have personally purchased several products from Chinese and Indian eBay sellers since the $10 product locally was being sold for $5 by these sellers including the shipping, (I don't know how Chinese sellers can ship to the US at such low prices), if the product is not urgently needed I can wait for a week or 10 days to get the product, it is the same item being sold by local sellers who imported it and sell it for twice the price, so I just save $5 for waiting 10 days to get my item.

    Find products which you can procure for cheap locally and sell to your overseas buyers, especially with overseas buyers you need to maintain a good feedback score to have them trust you with their money. Once you gain a good standing, you can research and keep adding more products and removing products which do not perform well.


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You have started long back, so there would be so many things different, I too send several messages to the buyer and the payment was hold by paisapay.
For Chinese shipments, there Govt takes low fees while Indian Govt charges more so for this thing it is less compared to us. For selling overseas it is one of hardest thing as these Chinese people are already on eBay US website too.

Indian Ebay people are just buying products from eBay .com website and reselling to Indians in eBay dot in for double price.

Could you tell me what type of products you bought from Indian sellers and I think in those days there was only website.


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Dont just sell to gain feedback, your first & foremost thing should be on Ebay to sell according to their policy.

If they get to know, your only motive is to gain feedback... you are not good to sell at all on Ebay...

Yes, feedback is necessary but only when you are following their standard. You didnt mentioned why they deducted fee, was it a deduction after sale?

I have managed many stores, & you can claim for any reversal of fee if they overcharge you :)
cheezcarls selling on ebay is pretty easy to setup!

You are afraid of what you have not done yet... Just try once & you will not be disappointed...

Ebay charges fee for selling item & first 100 listings are free. I dont know if people read their policies well.


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Can you confirm me what is the purpose of making feedback? Does the feedback is used for any other purpose or does it provide an additional cost from anywhere?
I have said given a great item to person to get positive feedback, there is no one offering a 6 months warranty to that component except me. You know how chineese products worth and how many days they will be in working condition?

Let me know how much they are charging to you for a 1000 INR product. now mine invoiced and seen Paisapay had charged fees with 4.5% around.

You can see the feedback of some other person here as they have left eBay. eBay Feedback Profile for onlineweb14

I will post the screenshots tomorrow as I am sleepy today. BTW I sold another product the first one by relisting it.
Edit :
Here is the screenshot of how much they charged me,
For INR 800 Rupees they charged 64.12 and for 670 the charges is 38.36
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