My Experience Fiverr And Other Freelancing Networks Money Making

Muhammad Rizwan

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It depends, I like freelancer because they have millions of projects on which you can apply and also without any limits. You can easily earn bid credits there.
I have not focused on that site properly. However, I have heard that getting the project on freelancer is much more difficult as compared to others. But I am currently testing these sites and as you said maybe it would be an good site too. However, my favorite would always be Fiverr because it is the only site where the first project can be obtained easily.

Many of my friends have received the first project on Fiverr within an hour only. This is a way to fast for a freelancer and good for newbie's too. That's why the first preferable site is always Fiverr.


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I am on upwork since many years.I have found really good writing jobs on upwork,. However, I have never tried fiverr even though I have heard about this site since a long time.After reading the details, I am willing to join fiverr at this moment.


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Fiverr is a god website if you are just starting out in making money online. There were countless similar websites that came out after its popularity but it still reign as the best micro job site. Fiverr is not just for giving services but also entertainment so if you have the talent, this is also a way to showcase it. Services you can provide can be out of this world.


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I haven't tried Fiverr myself. But some of my friends have done it. Others have earned, while others didn't mainly because of the competition. It is very popular, the more popular it is the more people know about it and the more people are doing it.


I'll give fiverr a try in the near future. I did think about joining it in the past however, I was wondering why would people choose me over all the other people that are offering their services there. I suppose, no matter what, if you offer many services something will come your way as well.


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I am hearing good reviews about fiverr since a long time, however joined fiverr recently. I am yet to post my first fiverr gig. By the way, I am on upwork and I have earned some money by taking assignments on upwork