My 2 Cents Focus On Your Content To Not Be Reported As Spam

Pooja Sharma

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It is being noticed that most of the marketing emails are reported as spam, mo matter how much useful they are. Email marketing should be treated with quality parameters, in order to make readers feel comfortable and relate them useful to their daily need. If these emails are triggered to help customers, then rather to focus on number of emails to be send , quality of emails to be send should be considered more.

Prasoon Arora

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Content if not treated with care, when received are reported as spam,which is one of the reason that business do not get much response via email marketing or any support forum failure. Instead of posting in bulk numbers or sending bulk marketing emails, if content is provided in the sense to describe the best with little words, can add more professionalism to the words. Content should be judged on the basis of simplicity, more knowledgeable facts, real figures as per market values if needs, and other data from available resources.


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Well marketing through email has been worse as for me I always hit the unsubscribe button further not to receive emails. Some people send twice in a week when i am not interested in such product also. Some of them sending mass mails.
Quality and good design within email can convert into some leads, but still some people like me just hit the spam button.
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