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Dear..... Nice efforts to earn money via Autopilot Twitter software, but I'm wonder and puzzled after many hardships and investment you've earned only $1.23 in a month.
Way better than nothing at all @sunshine. At least there's a tiny result which means a lot, and drives my motivation to earn more. I treated this as a business. Are you criticizing my hardships and investments because I only earned this tiny dollar? If Thomas Edison failed thousand times and gave up, we would have no light bulbs today. Same thing here in me, I never gave up and never listen to naysayers and "dreamstealers". My vision and perspective is totally different than yours to be honest, and I think you're not ready to face the true journey to success. I'm not focusing on my current earnings, but rather what would it be in the future if I keep going.

Did I complain about my tiny earnings? No. Complaining is a waste of time, but I rather respond and take action to do more.
Am I satisfied and contented about my tiny earnings? No. This is why I will respond to earn more.

You may laugh at my tiny earnings, go ahead and tell others. But I don't mind. At the end of the day, we'll see who's getting the last laugh in the future. No one (even you) can stop me now. Sorry to be harsh on you. Peace out. :D
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