My Experience Foot Ball Game Is Very Helful For Body.

Abdul Halim

Nowadays football play is very popular though all the world. It is exercise for body. It play is very helpful for our bodies.


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Playing any kind of sports does help in one way or the other. Playing sports is a form of exercise too.


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Engaging yourself in different sports such as football is very helpful to the body. It is a form of exercises that promotes good circulation and helps eliminate wastes of the body through sweat. It is also fun!

niranjan kumar

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Football game is really good game for health point of view and other factor is fun and everyone enjoy with this game.Football burning fat because it works the muscles when we run a lot of time and Builds Muscle Strength .Football is also used for brain because many decisions we take within fraction of seconds and we learn Team work and discipline which play important role in our lifestyle.


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I played football (soccer) growing up, but was never really very good at it. I took up tennis which I still play to this day.

Lalit Malviya

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Football undoubtedly helpful to maintain the physical fitness of the body. Like football all the outdoor games help us to maintain our physical fitness. We should promote the outdoor games like football, cricket etc by inspiring people to play the outdoor game and make them aware about the positive phase of playing any outdoor game .