Help Me/Question Free or paid hosting? which will you prefer?

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Which hosting do you use? I know most of you guys uses free as its free and not charging any cent. But if you guys are looking for a reliable web hosting then you should avoid free hosting services. Some free hosts require you to place a banner on your pages, others display a window that pops up every time a page on your site loads, while still others impose an advertising frame on your site.
For this reason I use only paid hosting services instead of free ones. I deal with and I am really satisfies with its qualitative services. To my mind, prices are not very expensive and as to the support, it is skillful and always ready to help.


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I agree that if you need a reliable hosting provider for an important website, you should go for paid hosting. Be sure to check for the legitimate reviews of the provider before you make your choice.
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...yes, it is better you host a business or important site on a paid hosting plan. Paid hosting company are better by far compare to free hosting that you will not have all the access to need for your control panel.


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RE : Free or paid hosting? Which will you prefer?

I agree with you, i also can use that domain which is given by you, because of safety of my website. and prices are also not expensive.


We should go for paid web hosting instead of free hosting if we need our business web site always up and running. If you don't have any concern about your business then you can choose free hosting rather than paid hosting.


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for now I'm not at a paid hoster. But it's not totaly free, too. So it's a mix I provided them a design for their website and so I get webspace with nearly everything I want, its a pretty good deal for me I guess :D and their support is good


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I prefer to take a look more at Stable, fast and affordable paid website hosting services .
I find that these are the better types of hosting.

Free website hosting some times has restrictions and may not always be stable. Unlimited website hosting companies must be avoided. In my opinion, unlimited website hosting companies are unstable and their clients should beware.

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There is no free lunch. So if you want to get a reliable hosting, I suggest you should pay your money for purchasing your hosting you need. The stability of the hosing is very important . and the free hosting may be not good in usage and you should kow the sentence that no paids , no gains.


i prefer you to go with paid hosting but cheap and reliable if you looking for hosting or reseller go with ivhostpro search it in google and try
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