Free Safelist Submitter - 2000 lists and lots more - All Free

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This is all Fr*ee, so please read

New program opening any day now.

Going to be huge.

3 membership levels

as a fr*ee get following and more being added.

...2000 safelists & submitter
...2000 blog blaster
...200 email blasters
...autoresponder & landing pages and ads, promote up to 5 programs
...landing pages*ee membership into 9000 leads
...lots more will be added

....earn on 3 levels as a fr*ee member

upgrade only if you want to get fr*ee double optin leads entered into your responder weekly, all double optin
...44 FLASH PRESENTATION landing pages
...everything from the fr_ee members area
...and tons more
...EARN on 10 levels DEEP

Packages of double optin leads from 100,000 to 1 million loaded into your responder

a national call center of over 200 telemarketers to use your script for your program and they guarantee you 20 signups MONTHLY to any program OF YOURS or you are not charged.

infomercials starting immediately on their first club, more details to follow.

this is going to be the biggest lead company to ever open, owner is billionaire, presently doing business online leads for Jaquar,Microsoft,Sony, Ford, GM, Airlines, you name it, his list is the who's who of the Top 500 if noit top 5000

Now going live to network marketing.

Never before has this ever been offered

You are notified of any upgrades and you always have 12 days to decide to upgrade for 24.00 or 39.00 ( to upgraded levels )

BUT you can earn on 3 levels fr*ee

If there is one thing anyone can do is market a fr*ee program if you can earn from it.
Especially offering all that free stuff in a headline.

I guarantee you these lead packges will build you a massive contact list, so most will upgrade.

Think about it !! what other autoresponder do they even allow you to upload 20,000 leads a month, this is 5 to 50 times as large and loaded for you.

Very exciting too say the least.

Some of you have already responded, actually i have 211 so far wanting in. To say i am going to market this is an understatement, every single person needs to advertise, so many have no idea, where or how to do, some can't figure out responders, etc.

reply here

I will put you onto my list and confirm with you, Should be live on the 20th.

what ever program you are promoting you need people to duplicate your success.

This will be my secondary program, i suggest it be yours as well.

You just need to reply to get it.

....OH YA...Forced company wide left to right top to bottom 3 wide matrix

Tom Broadbent
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