Free SMS services ?

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Do you use free SMS services ?

I know a simple text message is very cheap, but sometimes I am just too lazy to type it from my phone and I prefer using a free sms service. We do have such things in Romania...

How about you ? Do you use free SMS services ? Are you lazy when it comes about typing a text message on your phone ?


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Re: SMS services ?

Hi darkstar_tfd,
Ya obviously i used the free sms because it's the best way to connnect with your friends when you don't have a time or if he was busy in his work.


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I hardly used my 15 free sms in a month, just because I dont have time to type the sms on my phone. When I did, 80% of the text message will be abbreviation.


really ? send SMS worldwide for free? i think is difficult BUT some FREEWARE software we can find on freeware scripts or something like this
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