Selling Free web hosting for 1 year

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100% FREE WEB HOSTING OFFERING 1 GB FREE SPACE with 1 year period, exclusively for US & Indian members.

- 1GB disk Space
- 100GB Bandwidth
- 100% Uptime
- Auto Backup
- Cpanel with PHP and MYSQL Support
- No ads or banners on your website.

Do I need to submit my credit card details?
No Credit card required 100% free of charges.

When this offer get closed?
It a limited time offer so hurry up friends!

If you want, Kindly make a reply in the thread and Ill get back to you through PM with the details.


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ok, what limitations? I know there is always a trick
They have billing integration functionalities for US and India, so only this offer for US and Indian members but they update this offer world wide soon.

This is very useful for us bcos after complete 1 year they charge only $9.99 or Rs. 599/- for this free offer. I have mine too.
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There's always a catch. Maybe there's ads that appear on the website. Which isn't really that bad as long as the ads are safe for work. For some people just beginning their websites, that's a good deal.

If anyone remembers sites like bravenet, angelfire, tripod, etc - they all offered free hosting and they ran ads on your site to make up for the income they lost in the hosting.
@cortana, There might not be a catch actually, till after the year. I know there is little faith on the internet, when it comes to being cheated. But @myhost why is there a need for "billing integration functionalities" when they is no need for debit/credit or platinum cards?
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