My 2 Cents Free web hosting for 1 year

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As a thank your for being a member of Webmaster Serve, we are giving away a web hosting package to one lucky senior member.
Here are the services that comes with the hosting package:

* 100MB web hosting space
* 20 POP3 email accounts
* Full 24X7 FTP access
* 20 email aliases
* 2GB Data transfer per month
* Auto-responder
* 1 MySql Database
* Spam filter
* Password protected directories
* Private Webmail
* CGI/Perl, Mod Perl, PHP, SSI
* Control panel
* FrontPage
* Online backup tool
* Webalizer graphical web stats
* Technical support
* Raw logs

To take advantage of this offer all you need to do is send me a PM. Please note that you MUST be a senior member of this forum to be eligible for this offer.


Temi..Actually, I think that's an excellent idea to keep people involved in the forum. Well done. Although I did have to chuckle just a bit on ."quality posts" many anymore think..Oh yes Thats right..I actually contributing to a discussion.

Now..a Question...I read an interesting article On SEO hosting...a company is providing hosting with 5 cpanel accounts..and 5 different A blocks..does your company get involved with that at all?

Just curious



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Tell me about it, we get lots of "oh yes", "thank you for that" aah, nice kind of post... and such posters expected the post to be counted towards offeres that required x amount of post get certain stuff.

My company does not do 5 cPanel account on 5 C Class or A class IP address sadly :(
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