Help Me/Question Freelancer Bid Expiry Time.

niranjan kumar

White Belt
I have a freelancer account in plus membership plan. If i can't use all my bid in a whole month then it's transfer in next month. And another thing review is how much important for getting project quickly, if i have a project for long term i am earning but not getting any review.


Staff member
I am not a member to Freelancer sites, but I am sure the last month Credits won't transfer to next month as you have to spend in that particular month. If you have a long term project ask them to make a short term and do a review for you. You can work in a private mode once both of you agreed as per the project in order to save freelancer site costs too.

If you want to get quick reviews then try get short term projects as it will increase more feedback and clients too.

Doominic anderson

White Belt
Freelancer bids are increases by one according to the freelancer rule like you bid on one project then one bid is add in your bid value after 72 hours or 48 hours,it depends on freelancer rule from which we are not aware about the exact time on which our bid increases. Reviews and feedback are given by client after completion of the project,as a new freelancer we have to focus on short term of projects in which our review and feedback increases after every project done,which helps us to get more projects.

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
if you have taken the short project then it will be easy to complete the bid time but if the project is big then it may be take a time for completing this. And if you get positive feedback then it will be benefit for you.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
That's why I don't like Freelancer. They charge money if you want to bid on the project. It isn't free and you will find that it is hard to find a project there because there are so many competitions. In the end, it will be a waste of money to buy those credits just to bid on the project.


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If you not able to utilize you bid in a month then it is not forwarded to next month. If you have a project member then you can able to utilize your 100 bid but in the case of single it is not utilized. Review is the money of your freelancer account. so request to recruiter for leave a positive feedback to your account.