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My Experience Freelancers Are The Future According To Research

Discussion in 'Freelancer Forum' started by manishabochee, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. manishabochee

    manishabochee New Member

    Oct 31, 2018
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    The term “freelancer” typically refers to a self-employed person who has no long-term employment contracts or commitments. While “independent contractor” might be the appropriate box to check when filing taxes, a freelancer is the more commonly accepted term. Simply put, a freelancer sells labor to clients or employers on a short-term basis. The freelancer may be paid on a per-hour, per-day or per-job basis, or any other arrangement that the freelancer and client can agree on.
    Professions That Lend Themselves to Freelancing

    Although freelance work may be appropriate for any number of professions, it has mostly been used in the past for marketing, web development, teaching and tutoring, accounting and graphic design. Recently, though, telecom service providers have begun to realize the value of hiring freelance engineers who have the expertise needed to meet current demand and develop the technology that will be required in the future.

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