Help Me/Question Fresh Store Builder?


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Hello guys!

I just came across a product for eCommerce that was hot on the market right now, and it's no other than Fresh Store Builder. I have watched the video, and I was blown away of what I've seen how it works. But for now, I can't afford to buy Fresh Store Builder yet, but definitely I will once I have funds.

But I have a question for you guys. Do you think that Fresh Store Builder is completely worth it?

I know that I want to get my hands on this one, but I need some opinions from you guys. I'll welcome whether if its positive or negative.



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You didn't mention the cost of this item. Please share its price as well as some reviews available on the internet if possible.


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Since I have not used the product/service I cannot be sure whether it is good or average. You say you can't afford to buy, which I surmise as the product being very expensive. Do they have a demo version so that I can try before I buy the product


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Just checked the website of Fresh Store Builder. It costs $97 for an unlimited license and they have a demo which you can see before you buy. On the outside, it looks like a managed ecommerce solution for beginners. However, I would not recommend do spend $97 to purchase it as there are plenty of free and better options which you can opt for to get an online store. Take a look at Prestashop, WoCommerce (for Wordpress) or Magento for large enterprise solutions.


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I don't actually tried it, but from what I've read, they say that it is worth it. This is a feedback of one of the users who used it, "I have been a user of Fresh Store Builder since just after it was first launched and I now have several sites using FSB, each of which started generating sales within days or weeks."


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Yes fresh store Builder is completely worth it but what is your budget, because it is only depend on your budget.
There are so many product are very expansive but some are the cost less, You should need to gain knowledge about Fresh store Budget from the internet and also known about the fresh store product.

niranjan kumar

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In e-Commerce is a good idea, but for starting e-Commerce it's need some money and some Patience. because when you are going for online business nobody know about your business, but in few month some audience know about your business through promotional (Such as through digital marketing ).

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Have you read reviews on Fresh Store Builder. It may look like a nice product but I know that there are a lot of products that just advertise like they so good and when you use it it doesn't give you good result. I think it is possible to make income by putting some Amazon affiliate links provided that your blog has a lot of high conversion traffic.