My Suggestion Friendly User Interface.

Furqan Rashid

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User Interface is the website design that appears in Users computer. It really effect the traffic on you website. If you want to get more traffic Apart from SEO It's the major Place where you need to put in efforts. If you come up with a website that's Users Friendly than for sure you will be promoted by the users as well as they will visit your site again. It's Somehow similar To On Site Shop , If your shop's outlook is good Than you are going to attract mere costumers to it. Try to avoid providing fake links in your website, like if you have any thing downloadable on your website don't make it difficult for users. Just make it one click download. Definitely they area going to attract more visitors to your website.


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Having a nice interface definitely has a lot of advantages on a website. If people had a great experience navigating on your site, they will promote and tell their friends about it. Looking at that perspective, it is also a good marketing strategy.

steve taylor

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I work on various application interface software like :-
  1. Microsoft visual studio 8
  2. Photoshop cc2015
  3. Maya (used for game development)
  4. mat lab
in these software like Photoshop and Maya because it provide user friendly interface . And the tools of these website organize in such a way they are very easy in use . Maya interface is also good and easy to use.


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The simpler the site is the better. The site has to be clean and can't have any broken code and have good content. If you do this you will have your audience come back over and over again.


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For me, I love sites that are clean and organised. I don't like clutter at all or sites that have a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense. I love organised links and tabs. If I can see things clearly in just one look, then that site's a winner.

I also love minimalistic sites. I prefer lighter toned designs and not over-the-top graphics. I prefer white, pink, or any other pastel coloured sites. If there are patterns, I love it if they're simple and not glaring at all.

With ads, I don't care as long as they're in out of the way places. If they're at sidebars, they're fine with me.