My Experience G2a Goldmine Affiliate Program


It's Game Time!

Hello guys!

I know this is another "Experience", but I had to share another one that might possibly caught your attention a bit. It's what we call G2A Goldmine affiliate program. This affiliate program platform is focused more on buying and selling games in several platforms like PC, PS4, XBox One and more. They are selling Steam codes, game credits, digital game downloads and more. Plus, they are very updated of the latest game releases and sell it to the marketplace.

What's good with them is that they are having promos and discounts for the latest game releases in a limited timeframe. I do believe that this is a very good strategy for us to make sales with them. However, I am not going to take a very long introduction to this thread now, and I just want to make this straight.

Anyways, here is my own experience with G2A goldmine affiliate program. Here we go!

Earlier this month, I decided to use Twitter as my main source for generating leads and sales into my G2A affiliate links. In my first step, I tried to do direct promotion by saying "Fallout 4 at 50% discount! Click here before it's gone [affiliate link]!". I had a gaming Twitter account that has around 200 followers and growing slowly with relevant tweets. I was even surprised that my followers are engaging through my retweets, tweets, etc.

As for the result, it didn't go well. I do have several clicks, but no sales. I split test other games and random advertise them on my Twitter account after every 5 to 10 natural tweets. I thought that direct advertising with promotions and discounts for gamers are going to work (since my observation says that gamers are after discounts and promotions in buying games), but again I had the same results.

However, I didn't gave up, assessing my problem and got another idea. This time I have to jack websites with Affiliate Assassin Wordpress plugin (you can research about that and how it works) and put a game image pointing to my G2A affiliate links. To summarize what this paid plugin does, it simply iFrames a third party website and allows us to put our advertisement there under our own domain name. In other words, we had cloned other's website but with the use of my own domain name.

I said to myself that this was going to work, because it is all about giving valuable information to them while my ad is present. But again, my experiment failed and clicks are lowered than before. Since it is lowered, it is understood that I had zero sales. I even split test it with Adworkmedia CPA offers and Amazon links, and they are still giving me no results. As a matter of fact, I am starting to get pissed off.


Damn! No results again?

Again I assessed my problem and I hadn't figured how to convince these customers to buy without telling them. I was running out of options, until I tried Facebook. It opened my mind again and it made me take action by joining several gaming groups there. Some of them accepted me, but some are still pending.

I was using marketing tactics that can convince themselves to click the link that I shared to their group. I was brainstorming and had several ideas to test on. I was an action taker and doing whatever it takes to succeed and knowing that this is a process. But I was almost broke and down to my last $50 that time, and I was so desperate in making money this instant. I had no stable job at that time.

So I give Facebook a week, split testing marketing strategies and ad messages. But eventually, I failed again.

Since I tried many times and failed, my expression was just like this guy....


Pretty weird huh?

I feel terrible because I gave it all I got. But at the end of the day, I took responsibility of my actions. The results that I created is because of what I have been doing, and I should always adjust. At the end of the day, I have nothing to gain if I just keep complaining, blaming others, regretting the time I have wasted for experimenting something that didn't work, etc.

Lesson to be learned: Don't look at your failures as a loss, but rather a gaining experience for you to get better.

I am still trying to find a way on how to get better in selling these games to online customers, as I am researching, studying and implementing to make it work on my part. I always believe that I can make a difference on what I have been doing, and persistence is always required. Sometimes, we really need to experience this painful process, but we should always respond in a positive way. I hope you all learned something about my experience with G2A Goldmine affiliate program.