Help Me/Question Generalization Vs Specialization

Doominic anderson

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Data base is very important for every software because without data base connectivity we cannot hold the user's record and this software doesn't count as a user interactive software.

So,while studying about DBMS i reached at topics like Generalization and Specialization.
I want to know what is difference between these two concepts and their use in DBMS,share your knowledge.


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Concept of generalization and specialization is taken from their respective meaning in English language. In generalization we generalized more than two schema into one schema which can taken two represent both.
In specialization we apart the schema into two or more specialized schema which will be used as specific to particular domain.

steve taylor

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We can understand these concept easily by an example .
We take a example of motor vehicle in the group of motor vehicle can be categorized in the Truck ,car and Tractor ant then car is also categorized into Sport car , Sedan and normal car these top view of the categorization is known as generalization.specialization is the reverse of the generalization.