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Welcome to my article on choosing a suitable hosting plan for you.

A known fact is, it is really hard to identify a Hosting provider, who is not offering hosting plans consists of more than100GB Disk space and more than 1 Tera bytes of traffic per month. Some companies are even offering Unlimited Disk space, Unlimited Bandwidth (Transfer), Unlimited Data Base, and Unlimited email Accounts plans. But in a real world example, Is there some thing called Unlimited? When unlimited is unknown, the smallest positive integer 0 as well as the giant number googol is part of it. Our objective is to explain the simple

characteristics of web hosting with real world examples. Is the magic word “UNLIMITED” simply a hyped marketing strategy by the hosting providers or is it a false claim? This document is neither the answer nor the explanation to such questions. May be, I should advice Technology officers of Google to take a service from one such Unlimited hosting provider to offer all their web services. Jokes apart let us talk about Real time Hosting characteristics with facts. So here we go,

The objective is

a) How much disk space you really need?

b) How much traffic you really need?

c) How many database you really need?

Before we derive the answers to those questions, let us take a real world example with two years of web history, with decent amount of hits, and with average No of users.

Our sincere thanks the webmaster of and the owner of for the stats. We appreciate your participation.

Hosting account name:

Web domains hosted in this account:

– Personal blog on wordpress platform

- Personal blog on wordpress platform
– FM Technology blog on wordpress platform (inactive now)

Joomla CMS website, SMF forum, Chat site, Image gallery, and streaming audio and video hosted site.

Out of the above sites, Small size example: is an active personal blog with few hits a day and Mammoth example: an active fan club site for a south Indian cinema actor Mr. Ajithkumar. has more than 9000 registered users and more than 15 Million site hits in the last two years.

Now Let us discuss the Facts

a)Disk space allotted by the hosting provider: 150,000 MB
FACT: Disc space used in the last two years: 1315 MB

b)Bandwidth/traffic allotted by the hosting provider: 15000000 MB / Month
FACT: Peak bandwidth used in last two years: 12917.72 MB

c)Mysql database allotted by the hosting provider: 25
FACT: Mysql database used till date: 8

The above mentioned example is just one typical example of a website hosted in a shared hosting environment. Your requirement may be different from the above, But definitely it will not be UNLIMITED?

Now answer yourself and decide your hosting plan from Hexahost / any other honest hosting provider of your choice.

1. How much disk space you really need?

2. How much traffic you really need?

3. How many database you really need?

Evaluate your requirements and then choose your provider and plan.

The same article can be viewed with real evidenses @
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