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BrianFast, there are many things to go, but I can say one thing...whoever guarantee you the number 1 in Google it's a lie. Because noone can control Google :) Except his owner :)
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John121 said:
Add meta tags to your site so spiders catcg em.

Both of you should just stay in tune with the search engine part of this board.
I post a lot of handy information and research.
Its up to you to utilize that research.

Most important things are the links pointing to your website and what your website is optimized for.

What in specific do you want from your site?


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Good job man. I believe you did good and you'll start gettin some nice traffic.. but you gotta ask myshtern.. sence hes the master at SEO work :)


The only Metas you need worry about are the Page Title & description. Google does not even index the keywords meta (although you really should use it as many smaller directories use this meta) Dont spend any time on it theough.

You want good traffic that6 converts it is simple.

1) do your keyword research and do it well. Know exactly what people are searching for and then serve up pages that are specific to those searches.

2) target only one or two phrases per page, and then try to get an overlap in the words, e.g Italian shoes, Italian leather shoes, ladies italian leather shoes, can all be targetted on the same page as they overlap.

3) write your title tag for the search algo AND the searcher. People normally scan the SERP's and a catchy well written title that includes EXACTLY what they have searched for is more likely to be clicked on. If someone searched for 'Italian leather shoes', then a title tag of

'Buy Italian Leather Shoes with next day Uk delivery.'

is more likely to be clicked through than

'Italian leather shoes, ladies shoes, mens italian shoes'

4) Write copy that is specific to the phrases you are targetting.

5) Link into that page with your target phrase if it is possible.

6) design a good navigation and directory structure of your site.

7) Have a sitemap

There are many more, but the above will help you on your way.
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