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Size matters, what is the size of the hosting company?
GFXWebHosting is one of the leading webhosting provider in Bangladesh since 2008. They serve the maily the corporate websites of Bangladesh. They also provide webhosting in UAE, USA, UK through promotion.

Domain Registration
GFXWebHosting provides domain registration only for Bangladeshi clients only which includes. .com .net .org .info

Hosting Services
GFXWebHosting offers premium Share Hosting, Reseller hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Proxy Hosting, Windows Remote Desktop Accounts. There server is mainly Linux with cpanel 11.

GFXWebHosting servers are located in the US. They offer premium hosting services for its price. Speed is excellent. Great uptime as there server is equiped with 8 core CPU, 12GB ram and 1.5TB HDD. Had issue when they had old server. but now its awesome

Admin Control Panels
GFXWebHosting uses cPanel 11 for there shared and reseller hosting. They use HyperVM/Kloxo on there VPS servers and proxy hosting.

Email Option
GFXWebHosting supports
- webmail
- POP3
They have SquirrelMail and RoundCube available.

GFXWebHosting response support ticket with in 2hr. They also have Telephone Support with is available everyday except Friday. They also have Email support.Skills of support staff is good. Solved my problem instant.
I am using there shared hosting since 2008 when they launched there service. I am very happy with there service, uptime, support. Price is also in my budget. I will suggest anyone to go with them.

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9.5 out of 10

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