Giving Away 10mbps Connection Free !!!

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Giving Away 10mbps Connection Free, For 18 Months

We intend to give away 10mbps Dedicated Leased Line (provided by China Telecoms) for your dedicated server at no charge , for a period of 18 months to the first 5 confirmed applicants. This is especially good for webmasters and hosts who wants faster access for their Asian Clients and Surfers.

You heard it right! We are not crazy and giving away 1000s of dollars of bandwidth is not something anyone in their right state of mind would even remotely think of. And being sane as we all are, we won't be doing this for no reason at all.

We are in the business of setting up, maintaining and management of Internet Cafe, with projects spread over Guang Dong province in China. Providing free hosting is our hobby and side-business to kill time. Anyway, due to the upgrading of one of our Internet Cafe to fibre optic lines, we are now faced with 5 DSL (actually 10 but we are keeping 5) which we no longer need. Since the agreement with the provider is a package deal, they are not expected to expire till October 2007 with option to renew. If we terminate the agreement early, we will be penalised.

Instead of letting it sit around and go to waste, we have decided to give them away to those who may find a need for these lines to host their Dedicated Servers targetting Asian Traffic, especially China.

Here comes the catch! During the process of upgrading of our existing network to fibre optic lines, we have also upgraded our accounting and storage servers. These 5 servers are now also sitting around gathering dust. As such, we have decided to lease them bundled with the Free DSL offers. In other words, you'll have to "LEASE" the servers from us for a period of 18 months or longer if you want to enjoy our offer, for a ONE-TIME fee (payable upfront in full).

Attached below are the specs for the servers and the price we are asking for:

1. Intel Celeron 2.4G (2 units)
FSB 400 / 128K Cache
Kingston DDR 512MB
10/100mbps Network Card
80GB SamSung HDD ..........US$500.00 One-Time Payment.
* Control Panel and OS of your choice and EVERYTHING offered by the respective OS and Control Panel.

2. Intel Pentium 4, 2.4A (3 units)
FSB 533 / 1024K Cache
2 x Kingston DDR 512MB
10/100mbps Network Card
80GB SamSung HDD ..........US$680.00 One-Time Payment.
* Control Panel and OS of your choice and EVERYTHING offered by the respective OS and Control Panel.

Please take note that payment is ONE-TIME only. You NEED NOT pay us anything for the next 18 months unless you choose to upgrade your hardware or options, which we would list below. However, if for any reason you decide not to continue with us during the 18 months period, the server will remain with us, your payment is for the leased for our servers, not purchase them. We are doing this to cover the cost of our DSL only, no profit is intended. Should you decide to continue with us after 18 months, your one-time payment is US$200.00 for 12 months.

Upgrading Options
1. 120GB Samsung HDD
2. 512MB Kingston DDR
3. FasTrack RAID 0 / 1
4. Additional 1mbps line.
5. Change of Installation of new OS / Control Panel, formatting of HDD.
6. Tech Support is FREE.
7. All hardware comes with 6 months warranty and will be replaced FOC if found to be faulty.

All the above are priced at US$50.00, again One-Time Payment.

Network and Data Centre
1. We are using LinkSys for all our Gigabit routers and Hubs.
2. The servers will be housed in the same 30m2 air-conditioned room with the servers used for the Internet Cafe, with UPS, manned round the clock (the cafe is 24 hours operational).
3. Failover and redundancy is provided by an aux connection to our main fibre optic backbone.
4. Security is provided by SPI firewall available on the routers we use, for prevention of common attacks.

Support and Maintenance
1. All clients will have FULL root access to their server to check their configuration and tweak so they wish.
2. Since the DC is manned round-the-clock, Support Ticket will be answered within 1 hour as we will be setting our email client to check for mail every 30 minutes.
3. Server-wide backup will be scheduled for every 7 days. Clients are advised to perform their own backup using our storage server (Free Of Course) on the same network.
4. 1 (one) dedicated IP assigned to each server, additional available upon request, as usual, US$50.00.

Terms & Conditions
1. Strictly NO Hardcore Porn
2. Strictly NO Warez & Hack Sites
3. Strictly NO Copyright Data

1. Server comes with an OS of your choice, either Windows 2003 or RedHat Linux c/w Apache.
2. Control Panel of your choice, presently only cPanel / Ensim with (Linux Server Only).
3. 7 days setup of server upon receipt of payment, Payment is by Wire or Western Union only.

Again, we are not in this for profit but to cover the cost of our existing DSL. So if you are interested in our offer, you NEED NOT pay us immediately but simply submit your intention using the intent form at our forum, no obligation whatsoever. We will ask you for payment ONLY IF all the 5 offers are confirmed taken. NO PM PLEASE!

If you wish to have more information, please post a reply or keep track of this offer at our Official Forum, located at

Hurry! Only 5 Accounts Are Available!
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