Help Me/Question Good webhoster for wordpress site?


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Hey Guys,
does anyone has a clue, which webhoster has good conditions for CMS Sytems like Wordpress? I dont know much about IT, so i want to have a webhoster, that has a very good support. Also i want to have good prices for what i get.
Thank you guys anyway for help.


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I'd like you to check out hosting service from 4Goodhosting. My wordpress blogs has been hosted with them since 2008 and I can say that my sites are running 100% without any issues. The speed and reliability is excellent. You will be amazed with their support because they are online 24 hours with super fast response time. My support questions are answered in minutes and not hours. My support emails are responded often with full solution.

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If you are looking for quality Wordpress Hosting, I would recommend Siteground web hosting. Siteground is recommended by so you can trust them for hosting your Wordpress site. They offer fast loading speed and high end security solutions for your website.

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I am currently using Host Gator for one of my client's wordpress web hosting needs. I love how easy it is to buy hosting, set up your account, and launch your wordpress website. As of 12/17/2015 you can purchase a hosting plan that allows you to host unlimited domain names for less than $140 for 12 months!! Once logged into their customer portal, click on "Hosting" then from there click on "Get started with wordpress today". It will ask you use Quick Install, which allows you upload the theme of your choice.


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Wordpress sites can be hosted on so many hosting companies, but there are some good companies like Host gator, Blue host, Siteground and some more that will offer with so many things.
PS You have to mention how many domains with space and bandwidth, in these days every hosting company offering with unlimited services.
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There are plenty of webhosts that will suit your needs. For good support, go for Hostgator. Its a little costly when compared to its peers, but it has Live Chat/Phone support which really helps when you mess something up. They take regular backups, so they'll sort it out even when it's you who messed with your site and hosting had nothing to do with it. Those are rare cases BTW, messing it up I mean. Take a look at this thread as well as it is similar to yours and it will help you get a clear idea of what host you should go for.


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Hawkhost is good.

Fatcow stinks. They will say your site has virus or malware, then force you to buy their sitelock software. Happened to a friend of mine, his site was clean according to Google and every other malware/virus scan software including securi and all the major ones.


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@cortana Thanks for that info, that stinks! It is really hard to find a good webhost without consulting reviews and other members' experience. Even the reviews on major websites are half believable considering the review sites get paid for posting the reviews or are affiliates for certain web hosting companies. Fatcow really does bad business if they try to force users into buying their sitelock scanning add-ons just to squeeze more money out of them.