Google + Account Ranks Quite High

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Wooly Worcester

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My Google + account now ranks quite high for my name, this got me thinking... if I'm promoting a product or service, would it be possible to start a Google + account and name it something similar or close to that product and use it as a lever to drag up the official product or page I'm optimising?

Not sure if I explained that correctly? lol


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In the past Google does not allow you to create account for product or a company, it has to be in a personal name but I read a blog two weeks or so ago where I heard Google now allows G+ users to create company name as a G+ user account, maybe you want to try what you are proposing and see if its allowed.

If its allowed, they will leave the account alone, it its not allowed, G+ team will delete the account.


Yes it is true that we are making our account and on searching our name,google+account coming high.
this is the basic advantage of the google+.


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You can now create Google+ pages, which are intended for non-person entities. They are basically the Google+ equivalent of Facebook pages.
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