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AdSense is the Google Ads Network in which Google allows websites owner and other to monetize their pages, sites by AdSense and earn money. Google uses two types of account for monetization, Hosted and Non-Hosted Google Adsense Account.

There is little difference between these 2 accounts. Almost all of us know about it but some beginner having confusion about these 2 accounts

AdSense Hosted account is the product of AdSense account in which they allow the publisher to serve their Ads on Google-hosted products like YouTube, Blogspot, etc. It is very easy to know about your account, it is Hosted or Non-Hosted. You can go on your AdSense account dashboard and here on Right-Top-Side, you see in a red color clearly written as Hosted or Non-Hosted account

The CPC, CTR, and Impression were very low, compared to the Non-Hosted account. You can check out the youtube video in which they completely share their experience about Youtube vs Website Earning.

AdSense Non-Hosted account is the product of Adsense account which they allow the publisher to place the Ads on their site or as well as on Google Hosted product like YouTube, Blogspot or everywhere. It is also known as Fully-Approved-Adsense-Account.

The Biggest Advantages of this, It was very hard to get their approval. You need to create a Professional website/blog that follows the AdSense of all policies or rules. If you miss anyone point that not matched with Google AdSense policies, so you lose your chance of getting their approval

CPC and Impression:
It will pay you more than Hosted Account, The CPC and Impression rates were so good compared Hosted account.

If you are getting traffic from the USA or high CPC country so It pays you 1-2$ on per Ads click and 1$ on 1000 Impression.

If your traffic coming on Asian country or Low CPC country so it pays you 0.15-0.30$ on Per Ads Click and the Impression was very low you can’t expect. At least, this is what costs us at O365CloudExperts


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Hosted AdSense account:
The main advantage of this account is that its approval is very easy. You can easily approve a hosted AdSense account from Google-hosted sites like Blogspot, HubPages, Youtube, etc. But the problem with this account is that you can not use it on sites that are not hosted by Google. It means you can only use it on Google-hosted sites like Youtube, Blogspot, etc.

Non-Hosted AdSense account :
This account can be used at any site. It's very difficult to approve a non-hosted or publisher account but once if your account got approved it cannot be easily blocked. It's a fully approved account so you didn't need to reapply for any other service. You can apply for a publisher AdSense account directly from your Website.


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Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.