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Google Algorithm - Ranking Factors


Here are some important factors that helps in Google ranking. These factors are proven but few maybe of controversial which I have managed to put together for WMS Users.

Domain Factors


Domain Age:

One of the factors that google search engines use to rank a domain is the age of the domain. In other words, google algorithm considers domain age but it's not very important.

"The difference between a domain that’s 6 - 8 months old verses one year old is really not that big at all."

Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain:

Having your keyword in the domain has played a major role in earlier days. But the results are reduced now a days because of new updates on google algorithm.

Keyword in Subdomain Name:

Subdomains are subdivisions of the domain. They are usually the major part of a larger Domain. There can be as many as subdomain for a domain and all these sub domains can be named with their keywords.

"Moz’s 2011 panel agreed that a keyword appearing in the subdomain can boost rankings"


Page-Level Factors


Keyword in Title Tag:

A Keyword in the title tag plays a major role in ranking process. The most important keyword should be used as a title tag. Having a strong, relevant, clickable title can have a major impact on rankings, click-through rates and overall traffic numbers.

Title tags always appear in a browser.


The Image indicates where Google shows the title tag


Hope this might gives an idea about how and where "Title Tag" works.

Keyword in Description Tag:

Meta description tags, while not important to search engine rankings, but are extremely important in gaining user click-through from SERPs. The results will be much better while using keyword in description tag than ordinary description tag.


Google search results.


Duplicate Content:

The major problem faced by the website owner is Duplicate content. It's really very important that content should be unique. Even slight modified content from other pages can cause negative influence in search engine visibility.

Content Updates:

It is mandatory to update our web content regularly as google shows the date of last update along search results. By updating the content there is also a possibility for increasing the traffic.


Grammar and Spelling:

Content qualities are usually judged by the grammar and spelling of the content. High level content with proper grammar and spelling will attract many users and keep them interested on that particular content which in turn drives more traffic to our page.

Zirkon Kalti

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Domain age is an important ranking factor in Google. New domains have lower values during the first months when they get indexed in the Google search results. This is why it is very difficult to rank for competitive keywords during these period. Most SEO professionals don't work with brand new domains. According to Matt Cutt, there is only a small difference between a 6 months and 1 year old domains. He pointed out that a domain should have no problem in ranking for a few keywords when it has been in the search result for a few months. Older domains tend to be better than younger domains, probably because it has more natural backlinks, which will take many years to obtain them.

Manish Mishra

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There lot has been changed in recent times. I encourage to do SEO more generally. Google algorithm is really something out of box and it is not predictable. Since, the Google Inc. believes in keep changing it's algorithm gives a sense that something is today will not be tomorrow. Still, some basics cannot be avoided after all the general rules always run well.


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Consider using keywords in your domain name ,title, description, and in entire the article. Don't try stuffing keywords as it is not being liked by Google.


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Two things play an important role in determining your website's value. One is updating your site while the other fact is avoiding duplicate content.